Committed to Quality since 1997


The company follows a stringent quality policy with a robust quality management system and received the Export House status. A comprehensive quality check is carried out at all stages raw material procurement to end product, on time delivery. The company invested in share of the art technology ensuring the finvest product quality and production efficiency. The quality checks include a hardness test, flattering test, tensile test and drift test, among others. The mills installed online non- destructive testing and eddy current testing to check tube defects like cracks, pin holes, open welds, voids, inclusions, concentrated porosity, weld defects, mechanical damages, opened-up skin laminations, deep pitting and parent material defects.

An analysis comprises a graphical comparison of production parameters with standard norms. The company strengthened its quality management system by outsourcing different kinds of checks approved labs. The company is one amongst very few companies in Punjab, India with a CE marking, strengthening exports. We strengthened our research through a comprehensive analysis. We inspired our research team to embrace a challenging agenda. We accelerated the introduction of new products. We made existing products better than competing alternatives. We enhanced quality to drive the health of our customer’ businesses. We established product lines in tubes for scaffolding purposes. Research is the principal driver behind our ability to create new products. adapt new applications. strengthen processes. create markets & enhance share.

We are committed to :

  • Growth with customer by providing full customer satisfaction through product quality, support, timely deliveries & develop, operate safe, healthy & clean environment.
  • For requirements, all applicable Quality Management, environment, health & safety legislations, prevention of ill health and injury, interests of all stakeholders, prevention of pollution, and continual improvement in the effectiveness and performance of Integrated Management System by improving process work practices and risk minimization through objective driven targets.
  • Integrated quality safety, health & environmental matters in all existing activities and future planning.
  • Create & enhance awareness among employees, society and other stakeholders about environment protection, minimization of waste, wise use of energy, water & other natural resources, improve skills & competence of our employees and contractors so as to enable them to demonstrate their involvement and their performance.
  • Allocate sufficient resources as required for the implementation of the policy.
  • We meet customer requirements to a better satisfaction than their expectations by supplying customized products along with necessary supporting documents.
  • We are excel in all areas of opeations by implementing quality work procedures and instructions and are updated, developed through continuous improvement.
  • We ensure commitment to comply with requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of Qaulity Management System.
  • We provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
  • We can enahance morale of empoyees to deliver their best results for the betterment of organisazation as whole.

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